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If you are a registered charity, community voluntary group, social enterprise and need vital grant support we can help you achieve your organisations goals and aims in environmental improvements, training education for all and strengthening disadvantaged communities.

Important Announcement : The Grant Legacy Fund is now fully closed for any applications. Best Wishes to all the Charities, Community Voluntary Groups and Social  Enterprises in Wales for your excellent work and services!

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If you are a registered small-medium size Charity, community voluntary group or small social enterprise and based in South Wales only (please note projects/organisations based in  West Wales are not eligible),  with an income of £500,000 or less, we can fund your project/organisation with up to £35,000 for revenue and capital needs. You will need to complete a simple application form telling us about your formal status, the project or service you are providing and why you require grant funding. This could be for capital items, staff costs, project costs or expansion due to demand for your project operations or services. There are three forms of grants available under Education and Training, Environmental Improvements and Strengthening Disadvantaged Communities who face poverty or hardship. Track 2000 Community Resource Services grant legacy fund of £1,000,000, was set up to help and support, so apply today, we also offer advice and help along the way by the appointed Grant Legacy Administrator, to ensure these grant monies goes out to deserving organisations/projects who will make a big difference to individuals, families and communities in South Wales only.
Os ydych yn elusen fach gofrestredig, grŵp cymunedol gwirfoddol neu fenter gymdeithasol fach ac wedi sefydlu yn De Cymru gydag incwm o £500,000 neu’n llai: rydym yn gallu ariannu eich prosiect/sefydliad hyd at £35,000 ar gyfer eich refeniw a’ch anghenion cyfalaf. Er mwyn cael eich ystyried gofynnom i chi cwblhau cais syml sy’n esbonio wrthym eich statws ffurfiol, y prosiect neu’r gwasanaeth rydych yn darparu a pam bod angen y grant. Gall yr arian fod ar gyfer eitemau cyfalaf, costau staffio, costau sydd ynghlwm gyda’r prosiect neu er mwyn ehangu yn ôl y galw och gweithrediadau ach gwasanaeth. Mae`r grants sydd ar gael yn cael ei rhannu i dri chategori, Addysg a Hyfforddiant, Gwelliannau amgylcheddol a Hybu cymunedau difreintiedig sydd yn wynebu tlodi er mwyn ei gryfhau. Cafodd Cronfa Etifeddiaeth Track 2000 o £1,000,000 ei sefydlu er mwyn sicrhau bod y grants yn mynd tuag at sefydliadau a phrosiectau haeddiannol sydd yn wneud wahaniaeth enfawr i unigolion, teuluoedd ar gymunedau yn De Cymru. Rydym yn cynnig cymorth ar hyd y ffordd gan Weinyddwr Etifeddiaeth brofiadol a chymwys. Rydym yn edrych ymlaen at eich cais.

Why are you helping us?

Track 2000 Community Resource Services was established in 1991, by 2 unemployed individuals and the Charity has grown over this time into becoming one of the largest independent Charity's/Social Enterprise in Wales, duplicated by many other organisations in the UK and also abroad, especially in East Asia, benefitting very large populations and disadvantaged communities. The Charity has won a number of national and international awards over the years, for its environment reuse services, training and education facilities for individuals with special needs or disabilities. Also we have provided thousands of reused furniture and electrical goods to individual, families and small community groups who suffer hardship or poverty. We have redistributed via vital services and resources in access of £5,000,000 into the communities of South East Wales to improve quality of life and generate long-term employment opportunities for our clients and support the alleviation of poverty in deprived communities throughout South East Wales and surrounding areas. Due to recent operation and income difficulties, the Board of Trustees for Track 2000 Community Resource Services, decided in March 2018 to stop all its operations facilities and community services. This was a very sad event in the outstanding successful history of this Charity, but this decision was totally right in avoiding any future financial shortcomings in ensuring the excellent reputation that Track 2000 Community Resource Services maintained over the years of community operations is untarnished. The Charity owns a vital building/land facility in the centre of Cardiff, which has now been sold for residential development. The restricted asset monies received from the sale of the building as per our constriction will now be redistributed to other small-medium size registered/unregistered charities and non-for-profit community groups, including social enterprises in South East Wales and surrounding areas. The total funds at the Charity's disposal is in excess of £1,000,000 and is intended to support the smaller groups/organisations who find securing grant difficult or lack vital resources in attracting grant support. There are three key areas for redistributing these funds in Environmental Improvements to both inner town/cities and semi-rural areas. Training/Education, especially for disadvantaged youth/adults, individuals with special needs or who are disabled for careers opportunities and overcoming barriers to mainstream opportunities. Strengthening Disadvantaged Communities, this will specifically be aimed at in improving quality of life for individuals, families and assisting community regeneration, for improving quality of life for all who suffer hardship or poverty in deprived areas.

Tony Crocker MBE, Community Grant Legacy Fund Administrator

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