Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund awards grant funding to The Bridge Mentoring Plus Scheme

Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund is very please to announce grant funding support to The Bridge Mentoring Plus Scheme of £31,891 towards staff and running cost to this excellent service project.

The Bridge Mentoring Plus Scheme was founded in 2002 in response to an identified need across the communities of Bridgend by young people who had a number of specific needs.  These included support, nurturing, and capacity building to enable them to develop as autonomous young adults with the necessary life skills, belief, motivation and resilience to live as empowered and confident individuals in society.    Since then the organization has responded to the wider community needs and extended our services.

Purpose: To break down barriers of Social Exclusion which prevent people building bridges to a more positive future.


To promote equality and diversity.

To relieve poverty and isolation.

To relieve unemployment through volunteering opportunities and personal development programmes.

To provide support and activities for young people, individuals and families to assist integration into society. For more information on their services please view

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