Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund Supports Recovery Cymru Community

Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund is very pleased to announce grant support to Recovery Cymru Community of £28,623 towards staff and project costs.

Recovery Cymru is a peer-led, mutual-aid, recovery community that empowers people to achieve and maintain recovery while supporting others to do the same.  All our activities are community-led. Together, we empower and support each other to enter and move forward in recovery; to develop skills and interests and to improve quality of life. We run two open-access recovery centres (Cardiff; Barry), including evenings and weekends. We have a comprehensive programme of activities, based around:


  • Self-help, support, advice and friendship
  • Community Rehabilitation Programme
  • Relapse prevention/management
  • Awareness raising, challenging stigma, community building
  • Finding passions through activity programmes
  • Volunteering

People pick and choose to create their own recovery programmes, including self-help, activity groups; telephone recovery support; recovery coaching; advice, crisis support, volunteering and using the centre as a safe space. Volunteering is at the heart of our model and we advocate volunteering as a positive recovery and life-learning tool. We offer roles for people at all stages of the recovery journey. This is key to improving confidence, mental health and employability.

For more information on this excellent facility please visit their website:

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