Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund pleased to announce grant support to Coeden Fach Community Interest Company

Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund is very pleased to announce grant funding of £30,000 to Coeden Fach Community Interest Company based in Swansea towards project and staff costs.

Coeden Fach are a not for profit community tree nursery, growing native tree species from locally gathered seed. They aim to create an environment where trees, wildlife and people can thrive together. Working with volunteers and the local community is a fundamental part of what they do. They aim to raise levels of environmental awareness and promote greener, healthier lifestyles for all beneficiaries.

Planting trees naturally cleans carbon pollution from the air sequestering it in the ground and so helps prevent climate change and can assist in flood prevention. The native broad leaf trees we grow provide priority lowland woodland and hedgerow habitats which add to biodiversity and help protect local wildlife and endangered species. Using locally grown trees reduces waste, transport costs and pollution that arise where imported stock is used. Imported tree stock can bring in disease and may flower at different times causing problems with pollination and food supply. Their trees are grown in an environmentally friendly way, using organic practices and without the use of peat.

They hold open volunteering sessions at our nursery site every week and welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities as well as a wide variety of disadvantaged groups. Groups include mental health patients and school pupils/young people/adults with learning difficulties, schools from deprived areas, long term unemployed, housing association groups and asylum seekers. Volunteering activities are outdoor gardening activities relating to growing trees and other plants, which allow people to engage with nature in a way that fosters a lasting love of the natural world whilst also building self-esteem and general well-being and learning practical, transferable skills. They run training programmes relating to all aspects of planting and growing trees and sustainable land management and work closely with other environmental community organisations in the Swansea area to support their work.

For more information on this excellent project please visit their website:

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